We Use The I-Sopod – The “Rolls Royce” Of Floatation Tanks

It's The Size of a Small Car

The I-Sopod is the largest pod in the world and has room to move around within the tank. It is the size of a small car.

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating in the I-Sopod. The I-Sopod is 7 ½ feet long and 4 ¾ feet wide. You’re always in control of your environment.

Created by a team of people in London UK, that have been in the floatation industry for 22 years, the design and functionality of the pod is far superior to any other pod on the market. 


Customised Deep Meditation Music

For the first ten minutes in the pod, we have setup the I-Sopod's to play Solfeggio Tones designed specifically to enhance the floatation experience. This helps create a frequency to get you into the deepest meditative state possible, through brainwave entrainment.

We do offer Solfeggio Tones that play for the full 60 minutes. 

We also encourage mixing up your floats with no music, as each way provides you a unique floatation experience. 


Chakra Light Therapy LED System 

Colour therapy settings range from subtle electric-blue fades to slow scrolls through a series of vibrant colours of our chakra system, which can be held at the colour of your choice or rotate through them all for a light therapy session. 

Sanitation in the Float Tank

High Salt Effect

The water in the float tank is about 40% Epsom salt.

No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above 10%.


3 3/4x Filtration

The entirety of the water is filtered through a one micron filter three and three quarter times after each float.

An advanced purification system is directly incorporated into the I-So pod. Existing flotation pods filter at around 30 microns whereas the REST pod filters are fully effective to one micron which is an incredible 100 times smaller than a human hair!

Skimmers are used to keep the surface completely clear.

Proper Chemistry

We measure and maintain the pH, alkalinity, specific gravity, chlorine and temperature of the tanks.

We use a very small amount of chlorine in between each session as part of health department regulations. 

We are currently experimenting with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as our main source of disinfectant. In our atmosphere, H2O2 is naturally produced when UV light strikes oxygen in the presence of moisture. In nature this H2O2 is often used as a cleanser. An example is that of a lightning storm. During a lightning storm, traces of pure Hydrogen Peroxide are produced which in turn kill many different types of bacteria and fungi which might otherwise grow out of control. Hydrogen Peroxide can naturally be found in honey when glucose oxidase becomes diluted as when used on a wound.

The Pods Are Hand Polished 

Unlike other pods on the market, the I-Sopod is handcrafted and hand polished to give the amazing sleek and stylish look. This one of a kind tank ultimately becomes an inner spaceship designed to transport the user to a new world of absolute calm and tranquillity.

Come in and schedule an appointment to see the tanks for yourself today.