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You don't need to bring anything, we provide the bare essentials that you will need for your float: a towel, hairdryer, shampoo, conditioners, soap, ear plugs, moisturiser, vaseline, etc.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment start time.

In preparing for your float:

  • avoid coffee 4-5 hours before
  • eat a light meal 2 hours before your float
  • avoid shaving or waxing that day
  • bring your contact lenses case (to remove them)
  • you may want to bring your own comb or brush, if you want to use the hairdryer
  • you do not need to bring bathers as you do it naked

New to Floating?

Here are the most common observations:

Session 1: The Explorers Float.

  • Most people will be processing the sensory aspects of floating; doing some water angels. Exploring and sensing the deepening relaxation of the body. Observing how the mind is different in the tank.

Session 2: Enjoying the Experience.

  • Your 2nd float is always better. With less time spent on these initial explorations, you can truly enjoy the serene weightlessness of the experience.
  • Most will experience more relaxation in the body, but not necessarily in the mind.

Session 3: Deepening the Experience.

  • The 3rd float allows you to really relax and the mind is on board now too.
  • Your consciousness is more willing to come forward, letting go of the days tasks, impressions and experiences.
  • Most people report on having a more "still" float, as there is less processing going on. Allowing you to really BE PRESENT in the moment for the best benefits, which last for days.

As you progress through your floats, the 6th-10th is where you begin to notice the full 'flow on' effects of floating in your life.

Watch this great documentary on float therapy:

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