This is
Robert Peoples’
breathing before
a float.
And after.

Light Meditation

your float
with Ajna

As you take a journey deep into your heart, you may experience a sense of self beyond the physical, connect with your inner-wisdom and experience your true nature.

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The Ajna light pushes boundaries of light and sound wave technology with the latest software and high powered LEDs to induce a hypnagogic trance state with rapid ease.

Creator, Guy Harriman, worked for 23 years as a chip designer in Silicon valley, California including four years with Steve Jobs. He is also a healer and yogi with over 30 years experience.

When not
to use the
Ajna light

If you have epilepsy, or a family history of epilepsy.

Have experienced frequent headaches which may be a precursor to epilepsy.

Use antipsychotic medication.

Are at risk of psychosis, or have experienced psychotic episodes.

What it
does for

Activates the pineal gland, energetically associated with ‘third eye’ or Ajna Chakra responsible for a person’s higher vision, intuition and soul’s purpose.

Induces a hypnogogic trance like state; the state between wakefulness and sleep. The light has healing and emotion clearing potential.

Book In

Try it at
your next

For the deepest float experience, book the Ajna light 1 hour prior to the start of your float. Always let us know if you have eye sensitivity, so the light intensity can be lowered.

We normally run sessions for 30-60 mins to create a calmer mind before a float session, improving the overall float experience.