This is
Hannah Thompson’s
breathing before
a float.
And after.

Join the

of our

  • You will be an early adopter in a rapidly growing industry and ride the growth curve to its peak.
  • A profitable business model for your investment.
  • An efficient process that reduces the time taken to launch your business.
  • Tested operations, processes and systems to help keep your business running smoothly.
  • Ongoing support systems so you’re not on your own. We are always there to guide you closer to success.
  • I-Sopod’s Rights that will give you large discounts on the ‘Rolls Royce’ of float tanks.
  • Corporate led integrated marketing campaigns to ensure customers keep walking through your doors.
  • Systems that are easy to understand and implement. We’ll teach you local marketing techniques to easily recruit a consistent client base.
  • The benefits of building a community around your centre with the shared vision and camaraderie that it brings.
  • Take advantage of free wellness services (with a little quid pro quo) such as acupuncture, chiropractic, personal training, life coaching, health products, etc. in exchange for free floats.
  • Cross-promotional opportunities for your business as you establish relationships with other wellness service providers.
  • Through regular floating, you will reap the rewards that increased focus, enlightenment, reduced stress and less pain have on your life.
  • As an ‘expert’ people will come to you for advice as you observe their progress and the benefits they gain from floating.

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  • What do I get with the franchise?

    Your franchise includes:

    • A profitable business model
    • A solid business opportunity that shows tremendous promise for the Australian market
    • The opportunity to get in early and be the benchmark by which the competition will be measured
    • A well researched suitable location
    • Rent, leasing agreements, rental bonds, all government approvals and set up fees
    • All the fit outs, equipment and supplies you’ll need to be fully operational
    • Deeply discounted I-Sopods – three per centre
    • A reliable set of operational processes to enhance operational efficiency
    • Ongoing training and support
    • Integrated marketing campaigns created for you to attract new customers and maximise the potential of existing ones
    • Powerful local marketing systems (Over 100 of them) and activities and support for marketing to your local community
    • Expertise and collaboration opportunities with the Beyond Rest founders and other franchise operators
  • What are your fees?

    We charge a $49,000 franchise fee. We also charge a 7% Support Fee – which is 7% of your top level revenue per month and a 2% Marketing fee that is 2% of top level revenue per month.

    You will see real value from the payment of these fees as we are very hands on and actively involved. We’re happy to show you how all these fees have been accommodated within this profitable business model.

  • Why Franchise with Beyond Rest?

    In short we offer you a profitable business model, with powerful systems and processes in place to run it efficiently.

    When you combine Australia’s demographics with the growing pace and stress of a busier life, longer working hours, retiring later, increased reliance on self funded retirement, an ageing population and more and more smaller businesses driving our economic growth, a Beyond Rest franchise makes perfect sense.

    We’re in the early adoption stage for floatation centres here in Australia, so it’s the right timing. The benefits of floatation in increasing awareness, relaxation and conscious living, while reducing stress and pain, remain unmet needs for many Australians. Not only does a Beyond Rest franchise offer you a sound investment option, it’s a business that also improves people’s quality of life and gives you the opportunity to do something you can be proud of.

  • Can you show us your financials?

    We are happy to share our financials with serious potential franchisees. As you can appreciate this is highly confidential information. We share this information with potential franchisees during the legal/disclosure stage. You and your lawyers are free to review our disclosure documents and franchise agreements that contain the P&Ls.

  • How are locations assessed?

    We have our own method of identifying prime locations, by understanding where our key target markets live, and by researching a number of demographic, psychographic and financial factors.

  • What are some of the characteristics of a successful franchisee?

    The top 10 characteristics of a successful franchisee include:

    • Goal Orientation
    • Decisiveness
    • Good Judgment
    • Customer and Community Focused
    • Strong People Skills
    • Financial Awareness
    • Leadership
    • Honesty
    • Moderate Risk Taker
    • Coachability